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Censorship in Schools

Posted by epfund on January 31, 2007

  Image found from http://www.serendipity.li


I prefer to use the word “Censorshit,” as that’s pretty much all that it boils down to. They’ve gone way too far. I’m just sick and tired of being prevented from getting to a particular site, whether it’s a random artist’s work I’m trying to look for, or getting to my DeviantArt account. I was banned from getting to an artists’ site because he had a nude drawing entitled, “Slut Drawing” (or it could have been “Slut Painting”) in his portfolio. Nevertheless, I mean PLEASE! Does no one see the disappointment in that? Even most of my teachers have been enraged by this obsessive censorshitting. I was stopped by Websense from getting to a particular artist’s website because he had a nude figure drawing on his site. I mean, come on! I have taken a live model class before – I have had a set of boobs and an ass in front of my face before, and to me it’s really not that weird of a feeling.

The general point I’m making is directed right at these Public School officials who think they know better. They obviously don’t. My point is that as much as they ban our favorite sites, kids will always in their rebellious nature find proxies. These proxies come and go as they are discovered 1) first by kids, and then 2) secondly by the weird men who sit around in some hot dark office off in Western Maryland drinking their coffee and doing nothing but watching us surf. In general, Public School officials should make up their minds: 1) ban the internet alltogether, or 2) let us use the internet with no resrictions. If they place restrictions, we still get around them via proxies. Either they give up this war, or we keep fighting until someone wins. All I’m saying is: No more Censorshitting.


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