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New Seagate Disaster

Posted by epfund on January 31, 2007

So my mom brought me a valuable Seagate External Harddrive for Christmas (yes, we are one of those “Christmas Tree” families!) And it worked for about a week after Christmas.       …..Until, when I accidentally unplugged the drive from my MacMini’s external usb 2.0 hub (which is even weirder, because it has blue lights that never fuckin turn off!!!!) Anyway, so the drive’s lead-in became so corrupted that no computer – not even at the Mac Store in Towson – could read it. All of my files were on there! I felt like…..I don’t know what I felt like, but anyway, so I’m trying to figure out why Seagate would charge me $250 for a 400GB drive that breaks when you unplug the usb cable!!!! Is it really that delicate?


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