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Sharing is Caring…..

Posted by epfund on February 5, 2007

Relic Arts is in need of some support. I know, I know…..I just said the s word. Well yes, my friends…it has finally come to show that Relic Arts CAN’T DO THIS on it’s own!!!! It needs your help!!!!
I am starting a little trust fund to raise money so that we can legally purchase our site from WordPress.
The amount of money that you donate to this fund will NOT be forgotten. We will keep it under your name and email, and will send the percentage of total money back to you whenever you choose to withdraw.
With an extra allowance, Relic Arts will have more space so that musicians can upload their music, artists can share their work, filmmakers can show their movies, and the site will become more user-friendly.
If you choose to donate, please give me an email @ ericpfund@relicarts.com


2 Responses to “Sharing is Caring…..”

  1. Melina said

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  2. That is a completely beautiful throw. Your stitches are so even and professional looking. I am amazed, in a good way. Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

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