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by Eric Pfund

Below are a bunch of websites that are either related to or are friends with Relic Arts in the business world:

VA Forums on Relic Arts

RAV Forums and VA Forums on Relic Arts
VA Forums is the newest thing that Relic Arts has accomplished. Go there and join for free! Post your work, chat with other members, etc. You’ll love it.


DIVA GIRL FORUM – an all-girl forum for dancers and female musicians.


Verfirm Robert Verderame on Relic Arts

Verfirm (www.verfirm.com) – Owned by former Relic Films’ CEO and webhost Robert Verderame, Verfirm offers many services on the web for its clients. Ranging from website design to logo design, he’s got it all.


Peerless Productions by Alex Levy and Colin Levy on Relic Arts
Peerless Productions (www.peerlessproductions.com) – Colin Levy, `06 Peerless Productions by Colin Levy his robot on Relic Arts and his brother Alex, `08 have organized two different personal portfolios of their work on their self-owned Peerless Productions.


Ali Films (www.alifilms.com) – From China to California, these fresh-out-of college brothers travel and document basically EVERYTHING that comes across their path. Hands up for their award-winning film, “Have you Eaten.”
Lava Cafe by Peter Mishke on Relic Arts
LavaCafe (www.lavacafe.com) – Maintained by website designer Peter Mischke, a soccer pro and professional website designer.
Maryland Film Festival on Relic Arts
Maryland Film Festival – May 3rd – May 6th, 2007 —— a compilation of professional films; great idea for a date or a place to bring the entire family. Mostly G/PG-rated.
NFAA Arts Awards on Relic Arts
NFAA (www.artsawards.org) – money prizes for young artists. These guys KNOW art. Art patrons and good judges.

Justin Sklar’s website:
http://www.justinsklar.com – Justin is a skilled web designer, working primarily in Macromedia Flash, Adobe in-Design, and Photoshop – and provides clients with a superb level quality, considering he is still a student at Carver Center for the Arts and Technology.


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