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[ Ben Lovy ]

Hi, I am Ben Lovy, and I work in Blender for 3d and Final Cut Express for film.

‘Tis me:

Me, Jan. '07

I’ll get some of my stuff up here eventually. I’m currently editing a film (kinda quickly thrown together, don’t hold your breath for it, and am building a portfolio of blender work.

‘Bout me.

I’m 15, and therefore a freshman in high school. I’m in Massachusetts.

Favorites or Other Such Factoids:

Movie – Either Eraserhead or A Clockwork Orange. If I had to choose a more mainstream one it would probably be Love Actually.

Book – Catch-22 or A Confederacy of Dunces. Or anything by Kurt Vonnegut. I can’t decide on anything.

Color – Oy. Don’t even start that one…

Band – Dispatch/State Radio

Hobbies – Blender/film stuff, I act a bit too. I’m also a “geek” whatever that even means these days. I use Linux…

Food – Indian.

Marital Status – Guess.

Religious Following (at request of Eric) – Jewish, but am personally an atheist.

My website: http://www.lovy.com

Anything else – No. That’s it.


4 Responses to “[ Ben Lovy ]”

  1. epfund said

    nice! know any coding? Nerd much?

  2. djbjrca said

    Yeah, I code Perl, and some C. The C is just to tweak with blender. Alos, I know my way around the terminal, as is required when you use linux and only linux. So I wrrite bash scripts.

  3. epfund said

    Religion? Heritage? anything else?

  4. epfund said

    wait…you’re married?! just kidding.

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