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Sharing is Caring…..

Posted by epfund on February 5, 2007

Relic Arts is in need of some support. I know, I know…..I just said the s word. Well yes, my friends…it has finally come to show that Relic Arts CAN’T DO THIS on it’s own!!!! It needs your help!!!!
I am starting a little trust fund to raise money so that we can legally purchase our site from WordPress.
The amount of money that you donate to this fund will NOT be forgotten. We will keep it under your name and email, and will send the percentage of total money back to you whenever you choose to withdraw.
With an extra allowance, Relic Arts will have more space so that musicians can upload their music, artists can share their work, filmmakers can show their movies, and the site will become more user-friendly.
If you choose to donate, please give me an email @ ericpfund@relicarts.com


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Posted by epfund on February 5, 2007

VA Forums does not have anything to do with the state of Virginia. Nor does it stand for vagina. Nor does it…..well…..nevermind. Anyways, our new Visual Artist Forums is now here, and I hope that all visual artists in whatever fields they are in will join. đŸ˜‰

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Right now in his life….

Posted by epfund on February 5, 2007

Right now in his life, my brother, Kurt Pfund, 21, is studying abroad in Wittensburg, Germany. Earlier, he had travelled to Bethlehem, Israel, to spend the month of December in the hometown of our Christ. He has a blog, www.aventuremacher.wordpress.com in which he keeps all his photos (and links to photos) from his Israel trip. He’s got some funnies on there…..like about how he checks the hot Israeli chicks out as they march along the road everyday with guns over their shoulders, and gives advice on how to avoid paying too much to sidestreet merchants.

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New Seagate Disaster

Posted by epfund on January 31, 2007

So my mom brought me a valuable Seagate External Harddrive for Christmas (yes, we are one of those “Christmas Tree” families!) And it worked for about a week after Christmas.       …..Until, when I accidentally unplugged the drive from my MacMini’s external usb 2.0 hub (which is even weirder, because it has blue lights that never fuckin turn off!!!!) Anyway, so the drive’s lead-in became so corrupted that no computer – not even at the Mac Store in Towson – could read it. All of my files were on there! I felt like…..I don’t know what I felt like, but anyway, so I’m trying to figure out why Seagate would charge me $250 for a 400GB drive that breaks when you unplug the usb cable!!!! Is it really that delicate?

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Censorship in Schools

Posted by epfund on January 31, 2007

  Image found from http://www.serendipity.li


I prefer to use the word “Censorshit,” as that’s pretty much all that it boils down to. They’ve gone way too far. I’m just sick and tired of being prevented from getting to a particular site, whether it’s a random artist’s work I’m trying to look for, or getting to my DeviantArt account. I was banned from getting to an artists’ site because he had a nude drawing entitled, “Slut Drawing” (or it could have been “Slut Painting”) in his portfolio. Nevertheless, I mean PLEASE! Does no one see the disappointment in that? Even most of my teachers have been enraged by this obsessive censorshitting. I was stopped by Websense from getting to a particular artist’s website because he had a nude figure drawing on his site. I mean, come on! I have taken a live model class before – I have had a set of boobs and an ass in front of my face before, and to me it’s really not that weird of a feeling.

The general point I’m making is directed right at these Public School officials who think they know better. They obviously don’t. My point is that as much as they ban our favorite sites, kids will always in their rebellious nature find proxies. These proxies come and go as they are discovered 1) first by kids, and then 2) secondly by the weird men who sit around in some hot dark office off in Western Maryland drinking their coffee and doing nothing but watching us surf. In general, Public School officials should make up their minds: 1) ban the internet alltogether, or 2) let us use the internet with no resrictions. If they place restrictions, we still get around them via proxies. Either they give up this war, or we keep fighting until someone wins. All I’m saying is: No more Censorshitting.

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Posted by epfund on January 31, 2007


I can’t believe I just found this! It’s a picture of Maggie Siegel-Berrele and me in TENTH GRADE!!!! Wow, I feel old! đŸ˜‰
Maggie and me
Here’s me playing guitar on Halloween, 2004:
me playing guitar 1Me playing guitar 2
And this one is an old pic of Julia, my sister, and me playing in the snow years ago.
Julia and me
Me and Julia again……..Can you say, “Ambient Occlusion?!”
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These were the Miss America Models of (I think) 2004, in which Miss California is lookin mighty fine! I was with my dad I think, and he just pulled me over there and was like let’s get a few pictures, so we did, and it was great, and I was so excited that I saw these fine lookin ladies!
The Miss America models, 2004 (I think)The Miss America models, 2004 (I think)
Here’s me looking at a plate of cookies – a still frame from a movie I made in Sophomore year. A lust-filled gaze brings the whole composition together.
Cookie Monster
Colin Reynolds with flame finger. He used Photoshop, I believe.
Flame Finger
Me and my first girlfriend EVER, Jenny Nix. She used to love to ice skate. She was a sweetie. Too bad she gave me the nix. đŸ˜‰
Jenny and me
My family and I went to England in 2003 (I believe) and took some amazing shots:
In England

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Posted by epfund on January 30, 2007

PLEASE ACCEPT OUR APOLOGY, as there has been an UNFORTUNATE WEB ERROR with www.RelicArts.com. We are trying desperately to retrack our footsteps and get this show back on the road. In the meantime, PLEASE VISIT OUR BROTHER SITE, a forum for VISUAL ARTISTS in all fields, www.VAFORUMS.relicarts.com (VA stands not for Virginia, but for “Visual Artist”!)

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Should I Post, Or Should I Not?

Posted by epfund on September 8, 2006

If you are undecided about posting your work online for fear of your work being exploited or used illegally, let me inform you right now that, although there are those “times,” it’s one-in a million, and two million with us. Consider Relic Arts a safe place to share your works, whatever they are!

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“Are YOU a Musician?”

Posted by epfund on September 8, 2006

The question I’m asking is, do you have any original songs or other media files that you have either composed or have made in a computer song-writer, such as Garageband. If you do have songs, then feel free to – apart from creating an acount – upload the url’s of your songs or media files.

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How to Upload Your Music (according to Eric Pfund)

Posted by epfund on September 8, 2006

The way that most of us at Relic Arts upload our music files is through bringing url’s from various sources where we can upload our music elsewhere. The sources are infinite, and inlcude:

Our Media*****


Spin Duplication****

Free Download Center, by Zhang Wei

Free Web Hosts …..(or at least, I thought they still existed!)


Once you have uploaded your audio files onto their servers, you can then insert the url into your post, using basic HTML. The basics are easy to learn, and take very little time. I suggest, however, that if you are going to take the time to learn HTML, you might as well learn the nitty-gritty stuff too. It’s better for you.

I hope this was helpful to you. Send me a message anytime with questions or comments. Suggestions are always nice too! đŸ˜‰

Eric Pfund, admin

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Relic Films

Posted by epfund on September 8, 2006

Relic Films was the original company name before Relic Arts, Relic Audio, or Relic Pictures. But now that each has had time to expand some more, they have joined together here on Relic Arts. (It’s all about the s!) The arts have joined hands on Relic Arts.com!


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Relic Audio

Posted by epfund on September 8, 2006

Musicians are by definition artists. That is why we are in the process of developing a suitable website for [ RELIC AUDIO ], which Relic Arts proudly supports.

If you have a contribution to make to [ RELIC AUDIO ], please post it! Feel free to post any music that you have composed. However, we strictly regulate audio files that are posted onto the website, and if we feel that a file is inappropriate or that is not yours, we will delete it. Please read the RULES AND REGULATIONS for more information.


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