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Blender 3D Tutorial – Cigarette

Cigarette, by Eric Pfund
Yes, my friend – this was rendered with OS X Blender 3D Version 2.42.

Starting with just a cylinder on the x-axis, you start to make the shape and coloring of the cigarette. Extrude vertices, add subsurf, and make your cigarette look like a REAL cigarette.
Screen Shot
Next you will see that I have added below a shot of the texture of the smoke. But the smoke comes later, so…..
Screen Shot 2
Now for the smoke. The smoke may just be the hardest bit. Start with a cube and click on “halo” in the Shading area (the little button with the sphere). Then click on the Object button right next to the Shading button, and click on “Physics,” the orange button. Click on “New.” Once you click on New, it will look somewhat like this:

These numbers might help you with the smoke:
Screen Shot 3
After that, it’s pretty automatic, I’d have to say.

Any comments? Love to hear from ya!


One Response to “Blender 3D Tutorial – Cigarette”

  1. Meritiana said

    What does cigarette do to harm your body??

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