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Blender 3D Tutorial – Make Hair


I’m assuming everyone who sees this page is interested on how to make realistic hair in Blender 3D.

So the way we can go about doing this is setting up a particle system. Go to “Object” Image Hosted by ImageShack.us button and click on the orange thingy that says “Physics” when you move your mouse over it. Yes, that one. Okay, so now click….yes, click on it, and something amazing happens. Nothing happens, actually, I was just kidding. (Oh, and by the way, I thought I’d exclude pictures for now, because I think pictures are really dorky in tutorials.)

Next step is to click on the button that says “NEW” and see what that does. It comes up with a weird looking thing below it and says all this crap about halos and all that. But we’re only going to worry about that later. Right now, now that you figure that out, play around with it. You can always add cool effects later. Just play with it and see what you can do.

Oh, and I was just kidding about the pictures, too. I’ll get them up shortly! But as for now it’s about ten at night on Sunday so yeah.

Okay, my mom said to be serious now, so FROM NOW ON I’LL BE SERIOUS, is that okay?
————————————————-(I’ll draw the line there.)

So I’ll finish this later. Sorry if that lets anybody down in the course of two days that I will be laying off this project.

~ Eric ~

With particles, you can also do other cool stuff, like this:

posted by Eric Pfund


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