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Blender 3D Tutorial – SMOKE and FIRE


Want to know how to do this?


Want to be able to create realistic smoke and/or fire? Here’s how:

  1. In Blender, there are many ways of doing things….usually. Not in this case. To create realistic smoke, one must (see below image) start from a blank cube. Yes, that’s right – a cube.


  1. Subdivide the cube. (Subdivide is found in “Mesh Tools.”)
  2. Next, distort the vertices by clicking on “Fractal,” below Subdivide. This tool is a nifty little thing used to randomly subdivide an object.
  3. Bring the amount to 10% for now, just for starters. Repeat twice.
  4. Exit the editing toolbar and go to the “Shading” area. It’s the little button with the sphere on it.
  5. Now add a material to the object, and depending on the version of Blender that you have, click on “halo,” and if that doesn’t do anything or if you can’t find it, then…..
  6. Click on the “Object” button next to the “Shading” button. modes-closeup.png It has a little gray three-point arrow image on it. (If you couldn’t find a “halo” button in the Shading area, be glad, because that is one less step you have to take!)
  7. Click on the “Physics” button to the right. (It’s the orange fire-like image.)


  1. If you were able to find the halo button, then you have to take a few more actions before everything works, or else I suggest updating your version of Blender!
  2. From there, I will take a close. I think that by now it’s all just common sense. We’ve gotten through the tough part, but now it’s pretty simple. You can texture your fire, or make more vertices. (Right now there are only 1000, you can increase or reduce the amount.)
  3. Then once you have mastered the art of creating smoke in Blender, you can do cool stuff like below!


If you wish to learn more on how I made the 9/11 image, or the spaceship image above, I will be posting some more tutorials soon!!!!

NEWS as of 3-28-07: This page is gaining much success. Google has Relic Arts’ Blender tutorials ranked high on its search. Thanks to everybody that helped out! 

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6 Responses to “Blender 3D Tutorial – SMOKE and FIRE”

  1. sanityforsale said

    9/11 was an inside job. heh.

  2. SEE THE TRUTH!!111 said


  3. QA said

    People…yes, that’s true that 9/11 was an inside job (see the film “Loose Change” for reference) HOWEVER! This page is not about 9/11, it’s about how to create fire and smoke in Blender. Can we keep politics out of this and focus on the tutorial that Eric was kind enough to provide? (@Eric: probably not the ideal image content for a tutorial) Anyway, this could easily turn into a thread of heated debate, which would be a waste, so let’s keep the discussion focused on the topic at hand. Blender/particles/fire/smoke.

  4. amir said

    hey I tried to do it on a plane and it seems to work there, also. I am going to try it on the other shapes and see if they work as well. Hope I don’t burn my cpu in the process of doing so…

  5. sorry said

    thats my lil bro sorry amir so so sorrry really am sorry

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